Friday, May 7, 2021
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    Bloomberg: Declining prices suggest that NFT craze might be fizzling out

    A swift 70% drop in the average price of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) is suggesting that the latest “crypto craze” might be fizzling out—just as...

    Data shows over 100 million unique users now have Bitcoin and crypto accounts

    A new report commissioned by the Cambridge Center of Alternative Finance, a research effort focused on cryptocurrencies, said over 101 unique million users opened...

    Algorand (ALGO) is now bringing music to the booming DeFi industry

    The high-speed blockchain will be used to power an upcoming platform that connects investors with music artists. Turning to Algorand The Algorand blockchain will...

    Kings of Leon to release the first-ever music album as an NFT

    The rock band enjoys worldwide fame and says NFTs are the future of how artists will interact with the public. First-ever album NFT American...

    IOHK delegates 3.2M ADA to 100 Cardano community pools

    To further distance itself from the actual running of the Cardano blockchain, IOHK has delegated 3.2 million of its own ADA to 100 different...