Wednesday, April 14, 2021
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Decentralized finance (Defi)

    Defi Protocol Founder Tricked, Hacked for $8 Million in Personal Funds

    Nexus Mutual founder and chief executive officer Hugh Karp’s personal wallet address has been hacked for more than $8 million. The attacker, a member...

    $100 Million Liquidated on Defi Protocol Compound Following Oracle Exploit

    Lenders on decentralized finance (defi) protocol Compound on Thursday got liquidated for a massive $103 million, according to analytics provider Loanscan. This happened after...

    Hackers Paradise: Yet Another Defi Protocol Exploited for Nearly $20 Million in DAI

    Decentralized finance (defi) protocol Pickle Finance was hacked for $19.7 million of the stablecoin DAI over the weekend, as the defi industry appears to...

    Defi Protocol That Bragged About Having Flash Loan Attack Prevention Hacked for $6 Million

    A decentralized finance (defi) protocol that bragged about having flash loan attack prevention has been exploited for $6 million in DAI, in a flash...

    Hackers Drain $2 Million in DAI From Defi Protocol Akropolis

    Decentralized finance (defi) protocol Akropolis was on Thursday hacked for $2 million in DAI, in the latest flash loan attack to hit the nascent...

    Major Defi Token Prices Plunge, as Money Moves Back Into Bitcoin

    Major decentralized finance (defi) projects fell sharply in October, with token prices tumbling by between 30% and 56%, as money appears to be moving...

    Survey: Large Number of Yield Farmers Can’t Read Smart Contracts Despite High Risk

    A new Coingecko survey has found that a large number of yield farmers do not know how to read smart contracts despite claiming they...

    Defi Project Yfdex.Finance Vanishes With $20M Investors’ Funds Just Two Days After Launch

    Yfdex.Finance (Yfdex), a new liquidity mining pool, has reportedly exit scammed, making off with up to $20 million of investors’ funds. The decentralized finance...

    Crypto Borrowing: Here Are Seven of the Best Interest Rates on the Market

    Cryptocurrency is sizing up traditional finance on its legacy turf of lending and borrowing with competitive interest rates (currently as low as 0.44% for...